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Globalists Attempting to Push Ukraine Into NATO Is The Direct Cause of the Russia Invasion

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The Jews and Globalists have set this situation up intentionally. Pushing Ukraine towards NATO which would allow nukes to be placed 5 minutes from Moscow.

That is the whole crux of the matter. Putin will not allow nukes 5 minutes from Moscow, and I think that it a reasonable thought and request. Russia says why have a world at all if there is no Russia. The Psychopaths that be (Jews and Globalists, NWO, Klaus Schwab, Kissinger, and their precious indoctrinated young Global Leaders) are willing to push the world towards nuclear war in order to achieve their evil goals. “If there is no Global Control, then why have a world at all”.

Eff them all.

This guy has a 2000 word detailed analysis, but has clearly drank the Koolaid, or is the controlled group spreading lies.

4 replies on “Globalists Attempting to Push Ukraine Into NATO Is The Direct Cause of the Russia Invasion”

You mean the Biden entity handlers sent missiles to attack Russian troops?
What could possibly go wrong?

I cannot fathom the monumental ignorance of people fanning the flames of “no-fly zone” or “give Poland bombers to attack Russia” ideas.
These things are acts of war and it would go nuclear in minutes.
Huge propaganda for Iraq/Afghanistan invasions where everybody knows it was all a pack of lies (in hindsight). Yet they swallow this pill.

It is quite sad that ideology causes basic and obvious facts to not be understood. That false narratives that are extremely detrimental, even dangerous, can be peddled so easily by simple repetition and framing.

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