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Clif High, Dojo Meditation and the Ukraine Khazarian Mafia

Clif is an interesting guy, at the least. He does some sort of Global Narrative analysis that purports to predict the future.

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No offense intended. Clif High appears “Jewish”, I’d be surprised he is not descended from the Ashkenazi sects. I plugged into his BS (sorry!) years ago when first introduced to the domain of “DOOM & GLOOM”. Back then in the day, he said he had “bots” running around the world wide web collecting data on words and other rhetorical detritus, from which he could then use — as might an aging Gypsy lady reading tea leaves — to predict the future.

I do believe you could do better with loaded dice in Las Vegas — or with your own critical thinking applied to prognostication — than Mr. High’s predictions!\

Just my opinion, nothing more or less.

Indeed, he is not on my must watch, or daily visit list. I don’t see evidence that he has the tech ability to do the language gathering and analysis. It’s interesting like some old sci-fi method of predicting the future.

I do like the bringing into light of the Khazarian Mafia. Do you have any synopsis of what Mathis thinks about the K.M.?

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