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Ukraine Has Been Set Up Since 2014 For This Moment, a Coup, A Puppet Installed, and Now Forcing Putin On to the Stage, LOL They Say Out Of Bullets

Lara Logan — Describes the Absurdity of the Ukraine Puppetry to a TEE

stock here — the Real America’s Voice own video is of much higher quality. I hate when you get a “boom” video and the quality is so low it would be embarrasing if this was on your 3 generation back phone. But they stop at 1:24 and her interview is much longer. The same episode on Bitchute was almost 10 minutes, that is more below.

What do you think? Are they all controlled? They did a good interview and then chopped it to the first 1:24? No one else is likely to go to this level of research….find the source video….just take the crappy looking 10 minutes that any lefty type or middle type will dismiss because of lack of quality. Or they will call it a Deep Fake.

That is odd. Is it yet another Controlled Opposition like Fox? So let’s watch all of it. I threw down a few week backs that it was odd that Jews and Nazi’s were cooperating in Ukraine.


YouTube has the lowest quality image by far, and only 13,230 views……

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