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Real Reports From Ukraine, Russia is Tactically Continuing an Effective War of Attrition

stock here, been busy, getting ready for business trip and getting this property all squared away for spring and summer. No post in 6 days, that is maybe a record. I am waiting for phase 3 to rear it’s ugly head.

Check out this report of what the fighting in Ukraine looks like. Russia has choked the supply lines of the “resistance” and is wearing them down. Second video shows all the lies about Putin….Alinsky’s tactics for sure. Polarize, Magnify!

Ever wondered why the Western media and its allies constantly demonize Russia and Vladimir Putin? This documentary may answer some of those questions.

This documentary takes a look into the Russian prospective of the events which have occurred between NATO and Russia over recent years, and the impending danger of global conflict which has been brewing as a result of U.S. hegemony and its aggression towards sovereign states.

The Zionist-controlled United States continues to poke the Russian bear as Russia is refusing to give up its sovereignty and capitulate to the desires of the international banking elites whom have now gained full control of both the EU and NATO-membered countries. As a result, using their media, money, power, influence and paid-off governments; the world is now on the brink of a thermonuclear conflict with Russia and the BRICS nations.

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