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James Webb Telescope, Launched On Dec 25th (Your New God), Was Supposed to Report Totally Clear Images by Mid March — What They Found Did Not Fit the Narrative

This was my expectation from the start. Think of the hundreds of Billions they have spent looking for “Dark Matter”. The theory is that galaxies are spinning to fast to pull together / stay together, and therefore there must be some mysterious Dark Matter adding the extra weight to create the extra gravity to hold them together.

All science has doubled down on this dumb for many decades. Dust will block heat. The Webb is an infrared telescope, looking for heat. So they found a crapload of dust and now they are trying to re-write their past stupidity, literally re-write it.

They may have found some other stuff too….like the theory that the universe is expanding from the big bang….surely the universe has sections that are moving, but the Universal Acceptance of the Big Bang, almost as a replacement for religion, was always very suspicious in my view. So perhaps the Webb found that it appears that the universe is infinite or nearly so much that it doesn’t even matter. Perhaps they found that the only justification for the Universe is divine creation, and they can’t let the real God crowd out their various Gods of science, and (God Forbid) the mantra of CO2 man caused global warming…..when it is beyond obvious that it’s the Sun stupid!

Shame on them, shame, shame.

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As you know, stock, I respect the work of Miles Mathis, especially his science papers. MM has debunked “dark matter’ and a whole bushel-basket load of crap that passes for “modern science” and “newish math”. I highly recommend you and your readers visiting http://www.milemathis.com, “THE GREATEST STANDING ERRORS IN PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS”.

Fair warning: Your first encounters with the writings and thinking of Miles Mathis you may well find “off putting”. Stick with the papers you choose to read initially. His work will “grow on you” with greater familiarity and practice!

For those curious, here is the outline to date of MM’s science paper site.

Chapter List



1. The UNIFIED FIELD. Newton, Lagrange, Coulomb and Maxwell all gave us UFT’s.

2. RELATIVITY. Relativity is true; many of the equations are not. The muon, lightclock, Minkowski, Friedmann, Pound-Rebka, and the falsification of gamma.

3. CALCULUS. The calculus works, despite many fudges and cheats.

4. QUANTUM PHYSICS. Early mistakes, including superposition, entanglement, tunneling, nonlocality, Bohr’s equations.

5. ELECTROMAGNETICS. Solid-state fudging, current, inductance. Also the Sun and planets. Tides. Bode’s Law and interplanetary influences.

6. GRAVITY. Celestial Mechanics, Laplace, Allais, Cavendish, GOCE, BICEP2, plate tectonics, Roche, vacuum catastrophe, black holes.

7. QED and QCD. The quantum spin equation. Feynman, Higgs, neutrinos, Landau, mesons, fine structure constant.

8. LIGHT and CHARGE, including dark matter, photons, heat, the Rayleigh equation, blackbody radiation, rainbows, diffraction and refraction.

9. The ATOMIC NUCLEUS. Charge channeling and nuclear diagrams.

10. OTHER MAINSTREAM MISTAKES. Hawking, physics prizes, pi, Godel, Cantor, Olbers, Noether, Goldbach, string theory.

i. Preface. A broad overview of the current state of physics and math, and an explanation of my intent with this book. 5pp.

ii. The Central Discoveries of this Book. What I believe I have achieved; an overview. 7pp.

iii. Death by Mathematics. The pre-meditated murder of physics. 8pp.

iv. Eleven Big Questions you should have for the Standard Model of Physics. 11 chosen from 11,000. 6pp.

1. A Revaluation of Time. This paper offers a simple operational definition of time, one which is useful in understanding the papers that follow. 6pp.

2. Angular Velocity and Angular Momentum. Both current equations are shown to be false. 5pp.

3. Unified Fields in Disguise. I show that we already have two successful and correct unified fields, hiding in plain sight. 5pp.

4. The Kinetic Energy Equation. Another big hole in your physics book. 5pp.

5. The Equation v = v0 + at is False. An even bigger hole in chapter one of your physics book. 2pp.

6. Explaining the Ellipse. Holes in the elliptical theory of orbits are filled at last. 5pp.

7a. My Opposition. I have bumped this paper up to section i., to be sure my opposition didn’t miss it. Also see #367 below. 10pp.

7b. A Letter from the Mainstream. I publish here a series of emails I received several years ago from a mainstream physicist, as confirmation from the inside that I am right, both in my criticisms of academic physics and in my new theories.

7c. Another Letter from the Mainstream. I publish here a more recent email from a mainstream researcher, showing that not only am I being read by real physicists in the field, but that I am able to solve their problems where the mainstream cannot.

7d. Something for My Critics. A general Google search on my papers find something astonishing: many are outranking Wikipedia, Harvard, MIT, and the Dictionary on their respective topics. 20pp.


Thanks again Stock…hard to believe that nobody is commenting on your good work here at nukepro dot net. This telescope bit made me think of the Life of Pi movie. I was made to cry by the depths of the cosmic story. Then it made me think of the terrible first StarTrek film probing the cotton-candy center of the set-decoration hell of Hollywood. Thank God for Wrath of Khan.

Yep, with limited time and zero budget, I have produced some real zingers. The first discovery and publishing of the “hot lots” of the various vaccines in July 2021 would have got 1 million hits if Google hadn’t scrubbed my work from the internet. Some of it is back, and I think I can still do better, and get it searched indexed again by the non evil Search Engines, perhaps Duck Duck Go et al, Brave.


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