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Comment Period Expiring: WHO Attempting To Get All Countries To Agree To Let Them 100% Control All Pandemic Issues, and Then “Equal Health Care For All”

stock here: We know that the WHO is in bed with the Cabal.

Drop a Comment for these bastards that be.


Here is a 2 page summary of the latest meeting in March, as expected it is more globalist bullshit.


Your comment could look something like this…..

1) Ensure natural law freedoms provided by the U.S. Constitution are not infringed on,

2) Require the protection of health by removing liability protection of research and development entities (regardless of whether private or governmental), particularly in instances of fraud,

3) Provide complete unabashed informed consent under all circumstances, including under emergency circumstances,

4) Provide injury compensation for children completely and all adults equally, and not based on whether they are a federal government employee,

5) End gain-of-function research,

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