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Leftist Infiltration of Our Universities Has Left the USA Weak Minded, A Slice of Life Included

stock here this correspondence does point out a glaring truth to those paying attention. Leftist infiltration of our institutions, especially those of “higher ed” has gutted our society. And the liberals are by far the easiest to sway with false leftist narratives.

My “alma mater” — when you go to college, high school loyalties fade quickly, when you go on to graduate school and earn a “higher degree”, affection for one’s college dissipates more gradually — Quaker-founded Earlham College (like Oberlin, as I recall, in the Great Lakes College Association) — had already begun its descent by the time I came in as a freshman 1965-1966.  Landrum Bolling (CFR, among other “credentials”) assumed the Presidency, Eli Lilly (Big Pharma) built us a library, wherein I had occasion to flirt with my (then to be) first ex-wife.
Compromising with my mother — she ruled out Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, also Claremont College in California — and having made the decision to grow my hair out prior to leaving for college 40 miles to the east of Vandalia, Ohio, direct connected to Richmond, Indiana, by a new interstate highway paralleling old US Route 40 — I instructed my barber with whom we enjoyed talking baseball — I a long-time Phillies fan, he rooting for the Cincinnati Reds, which team ALWAYS seemed to beat the Phillies, home or away! — “block my hair in the back“.  He remarked, “That’s hillbilly style.”  Having worked the entire summer at a small, family-owned tool-and-die-casting shop, men from Tennessee and Kentucky manning machines during the day shift, a couple old-timers and me having the night shift — we produced aluminum and zinc alloy auto parts for Ford and other Detroit-based operations — I responded “I know that.”
As I left the barber shop I silently vowed NEVER to have my hair cut ever again, a vow, eventually, I could not keep, one foot kept always on the traditional straight-and-narrow, the other often dabbling a toe in dark, strange, exciting if harrowing waters.

Long story short, I unknowingly and unwittingly assisted in the deterioration, then de-culturization of Earlham College, porting as a mule, joined by others, a major program of Kultural Marxi$m that would weaken already strained relations between Annual Meetings of the Society of Friends and Earlham College, larger (more globalist) sources of wealth making their mark on campus and in the administration.  Long hair on men — egads!  Not to mention here other accoutrements as fours years proceeded to flash by, quicker now in hindsight than this way station along the path toward my complete immersion in the Real World.
In the past couple of years, much to the horror of many alumni, the (then current) administration of Earlham permitted beverage alcohol on campus!  No more traipsing off to “the cemetery” adjacent to school grounds needed!  Dormitory living probably became as as attractive as off-campus housing!  And, so Earlham went and goes too as Davidson goes today from yesterday.

We have to ponder, with wonder, how the descendants of the Frankfurt School and their allies and acolytes worked such miracles within a lifetime or two!  Small liberal arts colleges fell so quickly, it seems….Tip of but one of many icebergs still lurking for ill-captained ships (well insured, though!!) with demented crews and oblivious passengers..

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