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Truth Bombs on Ukraine

Clare Daly lays out some truth bombs.


stock here: I think it is high time for Russia to use Chemical AND Biological weapons against a “strategic” Orphanage in Ukraine! sarc

And here George Eliason, a reporter who lives in the Donbass, lays out many details that shows the absurdity

This should be referenced against some of Ukraine’s staunchest western supporters who are forced to admit most of what is coming out of Kyiv are lies.

Ukrainian propaganda has included exaggerations and untruths, Alperovitch said, noting that many of its claims were “doubtful or proven to be false.”- Forbes

These photos show president Zelensky at Bucha on camera and between takes with the town’s mayor. Decide for yourself which image is which.

A US president went through an impeachment hearing for a phone call with Zelensky because Ukraine’s president was nervous. With over 300 citizens murdered, off camera, both he and the mayor look pretty composed and enjoying the day.

The participants at the early March Duma led conference in Moscow while discussing the fallout of Russia’s military intervention in Donbass were much more somber and sober outlining Russia’s role in Ukraine and bluntly stating, there were no thoughts of occupying Ukraine coming from the Kremlin.

Russia has been leaving Ukrainian flags up in the towns and cities its military has been in. This is clearly done to signify their presence is temporary.

Here is Eliason on Twitter


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