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Event 1, April 18, 2022 Bombing NYC

stock here: I quick posted this. It was curious. The “artifact” wordage was curious too. And it seemed cult like and Q like. Along with the Snake Venom misdirection, this seems in that lot. Distraction as other thing are happening out of view, out of discussion. Quite a few of my friends fell for it.

So if we all just listen to this story, and each and every story, we can, as the saviors of the universe, prevent each and every event from happening. Whilst we do nothing in the real world to reign in these effers that be.

stock out!

And that is the plot. It’s worse than Fox being controlled opposition.

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So, is the Looking Glass crowd permanent or full-time replacements for followers of Q? Gives Louise Hay’s Mirror Work discipline a bad name. The Harry Potter books — nonfiction, right? — also feature the Looking Glass.

Dear stock, Confess, this is a belated April Fool’s post!

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