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They Want You To Know That You Are Being Abused

stock here: just said this to my like minded pure blooded neighbor yesterday. She was like “there is no one out there to protect us”.

Saw this in the AM, a salient comment!

I suspect that all along, “the plan” has been to eventually REVEAL that the covid response is an utter fraud, and that the covid jabs were designed to be harmful and further cull the population. Why the plan to reveal? To cause people to get behind revolutions around the world deceptively initiated by those who are in cahoots with, “the Plan.” Some politicians, deep state minions, and bureaucrats will likely become scapegoats and fall guys; that’s not to say they’re not guilty as hell. Some of the perpetrators of the plot may be ignorant they are being used and set up. Some of them may be willing or semi-willing actors if they are blackmailed or promised a facelift and retirement in the tropics. I can’t get over how Biden just endlessly hams it up as a bad actor. I believe he is deliberately showing himself as a sinister character. Even his senile moments could all be bad acting. Hunter’s laptop may have been deliberately planted by him with his father’s blessing, in order to cause a catalyst for revolution. Perhaps someone forcibly recruited the Biden family into the plot in exchange for leniency, or facelifts in the tropics while someone else gets executed in their place.

I expect to see more and more revelations about vaccine damage and even covid fraud or weaponization covered by the msm. Eventually bombshell information will be released stunning the world. I suspect one of the promises by those who will promulgate revolution is to create an…< ? >

I suspect one of the promises by those who will promulgate revolution is to create an antidote for the mRNA gene jabs. This may be how the NWO and beast kingdom of the antichrist arises by stealth. Remember those who kill Jesus’ followers will believe they are serving God. The antichrist, whoever he is, will initially seem like a great hope and hero as opposed to those politically correct hacks who force feed wokeism and nonsensical destructive policies. At least this is a scenario to monitor!

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“You say you want a revolution…” Who was Lennon addressing? I wonder.

The man (all evidence would suggest) had top-level assistance to fake his assassination, re-located to Toronto, and later emerged unscathed as Mark Staycer (see http://mileswmathis.com/lennon.pdf, “Proof That John Lennon Faked His Death” to believe). Lennon skipped a chancy “reincarnation” gig for a sure shot at fooling “thick sheep” for one more round, I guess.

The last verse — heck, the entire lyrical composition — baffled me then and baffles me now (Revolution lyrics):
You say you’ll change the constitution
Well you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well you know
You better free your mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don’t you know know it’s gonna be alright
Alright Alright
Lennon lost me with Yoko Ono and the album “Imagine”, I admit.

But, as some comment today ON TOPIC, we can wait and prophesy and even hope for “revolutions”, in my opinion, they ain’t happening! If not already in Italy, if not already in Australia and New Zealand, not as yet in Canada and sure as GOD not in America (US, Inc.), guns in the hands of the populace notwithstanding, then “revolution” in a classic sense — popular uprisings featuring guillotines , hangman’s ropes, firing squads, even criminal court cases — will not occur “unless my sons wish them to occur”, to quote an ancient but goodie.

One can check out how real pros do their work by watching China’s on-going lockdowns. I’m sure all WEF graduates — like Justin “Trudeau” and Tulsi Gabbard — are taking detailed notes. The next generatiion — and, yes, we’ll all be fooled again.

LOL the guy from Canada, the most beta-cucked nation on the planet, tells me to get help, when it was those poor abused truckers that needed help.

I mean, I point out that you taking the time to post these misogynistic, anti-semitic, conspiracy laden, Dunning-Kruger award level screeds online might be a sign of some sort of disorder and…your response is so sane and balanced. I guess I must be mistaken about you.

The Stormer is unique. He is over the limit on many issues, and I wonder why he has not been eliminated / cancelled. He gets many things right, but takes it too far. I suspect he is allowed to exist so that leftists can point to it and show the “the crazy fetishist righties”.

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