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Adding Context: Not Only Are Prices Up 30% to 50%, The US Dollar Has Been Getting Stronger and Stronger, Capite?

stock here: I watch currencies, and stocks. I just had a 450% gain on buying puts in prediction of the S&P500 crash which happened perfectly on time. This nicely protected my long positions which are likely multi-decade “investments” in “trust the system LOL”.

I watch precious metals too, and silver has been bodyslammed 30%. They hate real money. They successfully trapped many people buying into a blow off top, and now decimated them….making sure that large swathes of people are burned and will “never again” trust precious metals.

But here we have a double whammy. Every currency except the USD is being walked down, and USD is on steady path up. So our purchasing power should be huge and prices should go down for foreign goods….so how come they are not?

That there is a very interesting question. I see the Cabal’s hand in play in multiple ways.

What do y’all think?

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