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Free COVID Test Kits — 8 Per Address

stock here. I am all about information. And who doesn’t like free? But I would not be rushing to use these free test kits. The technology exists, they can “vaccinate” you with a test kit. And how cool is that….They VAX you, and then when you die, it is also a COVID death.

But I took the 8 free test kits….after all I wouldn’t want to be known as a “testing denier”, and get on some list, LOL


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Excellent point. I have my own biological microscope on the mainland, have studied blood and can see the individual reds and whites quite well. And can hook a high quality video or camera to it also.

Fun stuff and I shall do this in June

I asked Dr. McCairn to try out mRNA examination with microscope …
his answer:
“No you can’t see mRNA under a microscope, you need to chemically detect it.”

Note – he is a PhD (not medical Dr.) and expert on brain function and expert monkey-brain-surgeon. So he is great at looking at blood and slides and identifying bubbles, contaminants, dust etc. His cv is at the bottom of his website.

get tested and destroy your immune system and then get rare exotic disease like monkey pox, or neuro degenerative disease (senile) or mad cow or brain cancer or blood clots or non-ageist heart attack.

The truth is so awful, only a few percent can actually accept how far it goes. But many are awaken, but not enough to take actions.

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