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Microscope Views of VXX Affected Blood

Astonishing results when vax meets blood – microscope view from Dr. Κɐvin McCaĩrn


On a recent show, brain scientist Dr. Κɐvin McCaĩrn, was asked about a video going around showing strange machine-like objects shown in ₽fizer vax in a microscope. He replied there was just a dubious source and he didn’t see others find that result but he mused about hooking up his own camera to a microscope and having a look at the vax himself.

So he just got the sample and did the look-see live on his show –
Pfizer Vaccine Test (Live Optical Microscope) Day 1 PAA165969

Since YooT00b banned him you will have to view it on his website (needs sign up).

See the astonishing report showing the creepy affects on blood this product produced.
It’s way better than Geraldo opening the sunken vault.

  • Go to McCairnDojo.com and sign in or sign up.
  • Select “Past Episodes” from the top tabs and select the episode
    “Pfizer Vaccine Test (Live Optical Microscope) Day 1 PAA165969“.

Pick this episode:

The show starts 45 min. in (audio problems) and the slide examination with the microscope starts 1 hour in. Vax meets blood is at 1:26:35 mark. Lots of contaminants at 4:07 hour mark.
He is getting a better microscope and will do more shows like this. 

A big mystery disk appears at 4:33:33 mark –

One reply on “Microscope Views of VXX Affected Blood”

And for those who heard about weirdo shapes in the vax and stories about cobra venom, blah blah … you will find microscope view shows on those topics in “past episodes” section.
All of the guests talking about nano particles shaped like this or that who were on Stu Peters’ show he invited as guests and all of them declined or chickened out.
They know he can call out B.S..
He advises a red flag on sciency theme vids on the vax-microscope topic should have cited research papers, published results if the interviewee was a serious scientist.
McCairn publishes his results.

Anyone can take my blog post and send it all around. I don’t care about credit. Happy to get word out about McCairn Dojo site as it is heavily shadow banned and his shows are so good.

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