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Utter Lunacy, They Are Stretching Out Every Controversy To Make Maximum Outrage, and Maximum Disgust With the System

Judge Sherer spent seven weeks trying to select 11 Jurors not “in the murder trial of Nikolas Cruz. They are now calling him the Florida School Shooter, instead of the Parkland Shooter of Broward County.

You remember the Coward of Broward, and then the Jew police chief who informed staff that they had no obligation to put themselves at risk to enforce public safety…..no obligation end a mass shooting?

They don’t even want to mention real facts that bring up uncomfortable truths.

Scherer, the Judge, is from a Jewish family name. Are we ever going to name the Jews? And the Jesuits, the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller. The Soros, the Kissinger, and the other bad actors, including the Chinese.


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