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Why Is Broward County So Dirty? The Scherer Family Is Part of the Problem, The Daughter is Presiding Over the 8 Year Trial of Parkland Shooter

stock here: Did you also catch that the second suspected Monkey Pox is in corrupt to the core Broward County Florida.


Let’s go back to 2002.

It was the year that Halle Berry won the Academy Award for Monster’s Ball, the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl, and then-state Rep. Roger Wishner (and current Sunrise mayor) criticized the North Broward Hospital District and got on the wrong side of then-NBHD general counsel Bill Scherer. So what did Scherer do? He propped up a Democrat named Franklin Sands to run against Wishner and got the political machine he ran at the public health system to finance tens of thousands of dollars in contributions for Sands. The money came from doctors and lawyers; Scherer and his own family members contributed about $3,000. Dr. Sein Lwin, a Burmese native who operated as something of a bagman for the political machine, was responsible for another $1,500 to Sands.

The Scherer Daughter is kind of pretty, tall, and thin. A Good start in most cases.

I would say she does at times have crazy eyes.

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