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Part of The Matrix, “They” Work Hard to Over Simplify What Is Actually Being Played Out

stock here: A shower epiphany: One of the Q Misdirections was that all of this could be boiled down to a battle of good versus evil.

Let’s be frank here, the chances that Jesus comes back and sets everything right is about 100,000 to 1.

There are many players, with many objectives and very few of those will be to your benefit in any way. It is JUST a battle of the Satanists versus the Spiritually Connected.

And one more thought, from a buddy of mine who spent 42 days in a coma and saw many things. There is no fire and brimstone hell. If you “deserve” to go to hell, your eternal soul is simply extinguished, you go to nothing. Your soul is cancelled.

Everyone I have brought this up to had agreed that it makes total sense. I mean why give 2 hots and a cot to lefties eternally? LOL Just cancel their skanky soul.

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