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The Absurd Search for Dark Matter

Veritasium does some good stuff. But when Bill Gates lets them do a lengthy interview they immediately get on my #FaF list.

They disclaim dark matter with the title, and then try to prove it with data that is cyclical to an earth year.

One commenter adroitly put it this way….if Dark matter has gravitational properties then what thinking mind could possibly assume that it would be evenly distributed. Boom.

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I suppose I shall soon have a reputation — if not cast in concrete already — of giving the same answer to such questions as posed by stock and his post about “dark matter”, videre licet, MILES MATHIS. I do not pretend to understand in the in’s | out’s of MM’s “charge theory” and how that profound disruption to “modern physics” as taught plays out in various applications. Nonetheless, MM has written quite a series of papers that have withstood scrutiny and, yes, ridicule, on the very subject of this post: DARK MATTER.

Section 8 and MM’s index page of scientific papers puts you in the driver’s seat. Here’s the linnk: http://milesmathis.com/index.html. Choose what you’d like to tackle. For example, the listing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

293. The Cosmic Mass Deficit. A simple, logical, mechanical explanation of the mass deficit, without dark matter or any other ad hoc postulate. 4pp.

294. A Critique of the Bullet Cluster Interpretation, showing that charge is the answer, not dark matter. 19pp.

295a. An Analysis of Dark Matter. A close reading of the dark matter pages at Wikipedia. 5pp.

295b. Dark Matter IS Light. ScienceAlert reports I am right again. 5pp.

296a. The Earth’s Dark Matter Halo? No. I clear up more mainstream confusion. 11pp.

296b. Solid Light? NO. While analyzing the recent paper from Princeton, I explain high-temperature superconduction mechanically, including showing the physical cause of the Meissner Effect. This destroys BCS and RVB theory, Cooper pairs, polaritons, dimer math, and the rest of the fudged pseudo-explanations of solid-state physics. 30pp.

296c. Dark Matter Detection? No, just more desperation from the mainstream. I show the axion is another fake particle, created to hide the charge field. 5pp.

Enjoy clear, precise exposition for a change — and a charge!

I found reading Miles Mathis’ work on Dark Matter, understanding a bit more broad implications of his “charge theory”, and, by extension, MM’s clarification and simplification of “unified field theories” (papers on differential calculus also highly recommended) truly humbling. The man may have his blind spots and shortcomings, we all do. MM’s scientific work stands “as is”: (a) unrefuted if officially ignored and, on the web, demonstrably suppressed, (b) copied/plagiarized by “official scientists” who cannot hold a candle to his perspicuous take on matters both dark and light!

Though I cannot quickly add a reference here, I feel sure that the “gluon” disappears for all time when one takes into account the Mathis charge field.

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