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Olive Tree Ministries — Lot’s Of Religious Types Are Getting Real Information From This Site

stock here: I don’t follow them daily but it’s good to see a wide dispersion of real news such as……………..The reality is the jabs, initial or boosters, do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus. During Omicron and Delta waves, it was the vaccinated population who were severely infected.

Now keep this in mind, simply my humble opinion. The chances that Jesus comes back to earth and sets everything right, say in the next 5 years, is about 1 in 100,000. Wrap your head around that one, and then take appropriate actions.


8 replies on “Olive Tree Ministries — Lot’s Of Religious Types Are Getting Real Information From This Site”

I feel sorry for you. I check in from time to time to see if you are getting any help or meds etc. You used to send derogatory and misinformed emails to my students and to Harvard. They contacted me wondering what was wrong with you…and this blog is just amazing with the amount of misogyny, anti-semitic rhetoric and outlandish, magical thinking…I use it as an example of conspiracy ideation as well as your old youtube and ENENews posts. Remember when you posted all their email addresses and highlighted the address of young women working in science? https://beforeitsnews.com/survival/2016/09/u-vic-university-paid-to-lie-about-the-ocean-damage-from-fukushima-here-are-all-their-emails-2636290.html

Jay, Fukushima has been relegated
To old nothingness, the 3/11/2011 and following events not present in
The minds of your students. It’s important for you to investigate,Jay.
Dig it Professer Jay: Chernobyl equals the term “wormwood “ in Jeremiah 9. Look it up. Ask a Slavic expert preferably Orthodox educated. Hebrews of the northern diaspora named the place in Ukraine. 1986 boom and it’s not over. Study Jeremiah 9 and why did
NIV bible edit out Wormwood.
We got better minds than Harvard.

Jay Cullen tested the water, to “prove” Fukushima was not that bad. He failed to test the krill, which absorb radiation like a sponge. As expected, their was a massive krill dies off post fukushima, and then UME’s galore (think whales).

What a stupid statement….”I check in from time to time to see if you are getting any help or meds etc”, the absurdity of that statement needs no explanation. It is purely defamatory.

Funny how you didn’t link to my site, but a conspiracy site, LOL. Also, you pretended that of the say 100 people at U Vic, one was highlighted. You allude to perhaps that I was also posted their “address” (implying a physical address), now that could be very dangerous which all the crazy left wingers out there, violent and abusive….but of course I did nothing of the sort. 1 female is not “women” so I wonder why you would make such a representation. Thats funny too, whilst you are a known doxxer. Perhaps that shall come to a head.

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