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We Are Now Approaching The Stage of “Now You Eat Bugs” The Brits Lead The Way With Their School Children

stock here. It has been long my opinion that they want us to very clearly know that we are being abused. A portion of this may be related to the Stockholm Syndrome, were the victim starts to identify with their capturers. “They are just doing what they have to do.”

Leave it to the British to lead the way…..hat tip to the Mad Jewess

Great Reset: British School Trial Has Children Eating Mealworms and Crickets (Video)
Wales Now Feeding Schoolchildren Mealworms & Crickets For Lunch. BUGS. Actual BUGS. Sickening!!!!!

Think of the abuses of the last few years…..there is a stage where they “make you eat bugs”, or maybe even better, convince you to eat bugs on your own.

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