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Perfect Timing: Hospitals Start Firing The Smartest Workers Enmasse, Right Before “Flu” Season Challenges The Vxxed, and Caused ADE And Kills Them

Stock here: This is beyond asinine and incompetent, it is 100% intentional. I haven’t done a VAERS report for a while, super busy on real life projects, completed a hoop house to supplement the food supply, its a mini and movable greenhouse built on top of a raised planter, and 20 other projects in the mix.

These hospitals are once again killing themselves financially, to comply with stupidity. I had a pow-wow with 14 old high schools friends this weekend. Amazingly all but 1 were on the correct thinking path and many were very happy to receive my theories with the conclusion that “I agree”. There was also a “so what can we do about it, we know the plots and plans, but there is no one in power to even speak too. Still working on that one.

Drop a comment please, stock out!


Comment seen at this story.

Thank you for so much support! I’m an unvaxed with natural immunity about to be fired from a prominent hospital in LA. I will be placed on unpaid leave the week of October 4th and terminated on October 8th, after 22 years of service. Religious and medical exemptions is just a formality, do you think they would actually consider that I’ve prayed and cried and discussed this mandate with my wife for many hours! I was denied because my conscience would not allow me to receive these abortion tainted experimental jabs, and neither will my wife a nurse of 28 years who is also being forced even with her COVID recovered immunity. She is a pulmonary ICU front liner who was hailed a hero not too long ago. My co-worker almost died with the first Pfizer shot…you would think he would get a medical exemption; denied because they don’t think it’s an anaphylactic reaction and that he should see an allergy specialist?!! We healthcare workers are helpless! Don’t we know more about our own health than non health care workers? We have nothing against the vaccinated but it should be a choice. I guess it would be different if the vaxxed didn’t get sick or spread it but THEY STILL DO, and the media will suppress this and that’s why the unvaxed are treated as lepers!! May God help our country!

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