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Biden Has COVID? That’s #FaF. Meme – Because He Is Double Booster (Like You Should Be) It Is VERY Mild. Unlike the UK and Canada Data That Shows The More Jabbed You Are The More You Die

stock here: It took me an hour to figure out, while not thinking about it. Biden supposedly gets COVID, and CNN goes on record as “completely expected”.

All the Reports coming out showing how the more Jabbed you are, the more likely you will die from COVID

So now tool Joe, who they immediately explain is double vxxd and double boosted, is going to do just fine because of that. They are trying to counteract the real data.

Doctor Malone explains how The More Jabbed You Are, The More Likely You Die from COVID

The More Jabbed You Are, The More You Die From COVID — UK Data

Canada Data — Vxx’d People Die At Higher Rate from COVID than the Unvxxd

Oh but a year ago, Biden said if you are VXXd you are not going to get COVID even the variants…..hmmm……

While it’s true the vaccine does mitigate the coronavirus symptoms and your risk of hospitalization and death (I’m fully vaccinated), it was not accurate for Biden to claim straight-up that “You’re not going to be in a position where you — where your life is in danger.”

Three months after he made that claim, 10,587 fully vaccinated Americans died from the coronavirus.

When participants were asked, “Who deserves more credit for the COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] vaccination program, President Biden or former President Trump?” 51 percent of voters sided with Trump and 41 percent sided with Biden. https://t.co/l3cqRWWIFV

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) July 21, 2021

That wasn’t the end of Biden’s misinformation campaign. In December of 2021, he falsely claimed that the vaccinated could not spread the coronavirus.

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