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CDC Truncated VXX Deaths, The Last Report Now Showing is June 27th 2021!!! Intentionally concealing VXX Injuries and DEATH

stock here: it’s really worse than that. They are concealing the number of babies lost after their female Moms were jabbed. I wonder how many Mom’s were also killed, or you lose your baby the same day you got jabbed and then 2 days later you are paralyzed.

See what they are doing? They are recycling old reports and giving them “fresh” received dates. So they can claim that they are continuing reporting, AND that “there were only 24 reports in June 2022. Proving that the vaccines are safe and effective.


I have data later than this, I just reviewed yesterday. But not the records I thought I had up to around December 2021, cant find anything that late. I will shortly be re-united with my computer in Hawaii and maybe there will additional data found. At some point, maybe March of this year, they truncated data back to end of June 2021. About the point that large amounts of pregnant women were getting jabbed. I have some articles of how 1/3 of the pregnant women lost there baby the same day as the jab.

I will add more evidence later, I am going to post this now since my screen cap program crashed (interesting) and this might be my only remaining record of the above graphic, I do not want to lose that!!!!

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