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Massive Tome of Hunter Biden Dirt on, of all places, Reddit!

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Reddit is often a piece of shite normie types who “think they are awaken” site. But this was awesome, a massive tome of Hunter Biden dirt.

The Hunter Biden Saga Continues

How true are these types of summaries?





I have followed the Hunter Biden saga for years. Allow me to sum up and address some of the disinformation that is part of the modified limited hangout being run.

First, there are 3 pictures that have been making the rounds that are intentional disinformation:

  1. Natalie Biden with cocaine on her nose. It’s not Natalie. Sure, it’s a striking resemblance, but it’s verified as being a cam girl. The shills use this to say “the data is fake” but, really, their argument is what’s fake. Anyone with the data knows this picture isn’t real.
  2. Joe Biden with asian girl. This is actually a BDSM video from xvideos that has been around for years. The face of the old man is clearly visible in portions of the video and is, in fact, not Joe Biden. Shills love to use this type of disinfo to muddy the waters.
  3. Hunter Biden with five young girls. This is not Hunter Biden, as Hunter Biden has never sported a black soul patch. Shills are using this to poison the well and distract from the corruption.

Is Hunter Biden a pedo? Yes. He searches for underage porn. He is constantly accused of being a child molester. He sleeps with Natalie Biden. He sleeps with young cousin Lilly. He engages in grooming behavior and is likely providing drugs to underage family members.




Hunter Biden even wrote a “lolli” rap.




There do appear to be nudes of Natalie in the data.

But, his criminality doesn’t stop there. I get that people want the salacious stuff, first, but keep in mind, Hunter Biden participates in policy decisions with the President of the United States.




Hunter Biden engages in a lot of illegal behavior, which makes him blackmailable. This is a National Security concern.

His payments to Ukrainian based escort service, UBERGFE, triggered a bank red flag, as over $200k was paid to them. The SAR was leaked.


Hunter writes checks to escorts. And pays escorts to cross state lines via plane or train. Hunter Biden participates in human trafficking.



In one instance, Hunter Biden buys a GPS tracker and has a woman place it in another woman’s car. Literally stalking.



The Troy Hunt database has all of your email and password combinations. While Hunter Biden’s credentials are in them, along with the rest of the Biden family, so are yours. What has happened to Hunter Biden can just as easily happen to you.



This data is the source of many, many leaks, including from the WHO and Wuhan Insitute of Virology.


In early 2019, Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca email password, along with all Rosemont Seneca passwords were leaked. Even prior to that, the corruption surrounding Hunter Biden and Rosemont Seneca was already widely reported on.




Here is an example of some of those emails:

A FOIA request proves the allegations in the aforementioned news articles were all true: Rosemont Seneca Bohai Bank Records Listing https://www.scribd.com/document/568671406/Rosemont-Seneca-Bohai-Bank-Records-Listing

Prior to the leaks, we already were looking at 100% certainty of corruption with a web of cut outs: Rosemont Seneca, Bohai Harvest, Burisma, Robinson Walker LLC, Transatlantic Energy Group, Yuxiang Jiang, Sinopec, Sinohawk, Thornton Group LLC, Seneca Global Advisors, Hudson West III, Boies Shiller, Lion Hall Group, etc.






This corruption is merely an extension of what Hillary Clinton began with the Uranium One scandal, where the mining/energy complex is consolidating power monopolistically.


In fact, we see an extension of these globalist type plans for American resources plain as day in Hunter’s data.


I don’t really have an opinion on the originating laptop dropped off for repair, but I suspect that the leak was inevitable because Hunter Biden’s accounts were already compromised by run-of-the-mill Internet investigators. The flood gate was already opened. From where I sat, I was concerned the laptop repair story was exceedingly convenient. But, whatever.

In October 2020, the first drip occurred publicly. I was sent a mega link that is now expired, that contained some of the laptop material.

This was (approximately) the first sample I received. It is SFW and the most damning thing is evidence of a wire transfer from Chinese Intelligence asset to Hudson West III LLC. The rest was a bit random.


Less than a week later, I was sent a much larger collection of images, this time with EXIF data and other corroborating information that showed the majority of what I was looking at was authentic.

We already know the emails and banking records are real per the FOIA request. A number of emails can also be verified with DKIM authentication and also by being able to see both sides of the conversation (like with Devon Archer’s emails from his own account to and from Hunter Biden.)

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an email authentication technique that allows the receiver to check that an email was indeed sent and authorized by the owner of that domain. This is done by giving the email a digital signature. This DKIM signature is a header that is added to the message and is secured with encryption.


This second, larger set of files included a massive amount of salacious content. The shills surrounding this controversy love to focus on Hunter Biden’s genitals in order to distract from the corruption. Indeed, a file named Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 8.57.14 AM.png shows Hunter Biden with his wiener on a piece of pizza.

Many escorts were featured in this data dump and, unlike what was minimally reported on, their faces were visible and uncensored. I ran them all through facial recognition, right away, with mixed results. Indeed, they are mostly escorts but Hallie Biden and other friends, like Ashakai Grant, are also featured with Hunter Biden’s wang.

In one of the pictures, Hunter Biden is with his computer where he is logged into PornHub account, RHEast, where he was uploading videos of him and Hallie and others engaged in sexual behavior.

Beau Biden, btw, seemed to be fully aware of this relationship between Hunter and Hallie, where Hunter sent him pictures of acts together. this is why many believe Natalie and or Hunter may be Hunter Biden’s biological children.

At this stage, in 2020, the Q movement all but shut down. They had seemed to be waiting for something like this for years, they finally had it all… and the entire Q astroturfing movement completely shut down and Voat deleted itself from the Internet. This was very suspicious. The “conservative” news outlets refused to cover what was in the first set of leaks… which was only a portion of the “hard drive.”

ZeroHedge, Gateway Pundit, Big League Politics… all these outlets I would have expected to jump all over this content… did absolutely nothing. In fact, they even participated in some light disinformation, in some cases.

I posit that the Q movement was a Carlysle Group psyop aided by numerous astroturfing firms like upvotes.club, but also by government contractors like CACI and… QinetiQ.


One concerning aspect of the Hunter Biden data that was available in 2020 was that it heavily featured Natalie Biden. Hunter Biden was in possession of hundreds of her personal pictures. It appeared obsessive.

Beyond the pictures, it became clear that many people were concerned about Hunter Biden’s “sexually inappropriate” interactions where he is naked and smoking crack in front of Natalie Biden.

What is also concerning, is that, despite being banned from seeing her alone, Hunter Biden is still meeting in secret with Natalie in places like a Whole Foods bathroom. Natalie is on a family outing, then sneaks to the bathroom to meet Hunter Biden… to “fold clothes.”

By mid 2021, it was clear many people had Hunter Biden data and the “hard drive” was repackaged in a variety of ways. With each repacking, data was taken and inserted. I gave up relying on these anonymous dumps and focused on how to verify what was important with the usual OSINT techniques.

Shills will always cry about source, verification and context, so it is important to pre-emptively give it to them to take away their crybaby ammunition.

Now that the issue has gained more steam, you can actually peruse a lot of the emails, yourself.


TMB files has started to gather data… albeit a bit haphazardly:


And the most reliable way to see the new leak is just by downloading the torrent, yourself, and opening in iPhone Backup Extractor.

Magnet Link

So, now, here we are again, when every conservative news outlet should be screaming this stuff from the rooftops, but it seems nearly all Hunter Biden posts are getting deleted on all sites, even 4chan, especially Reddit, Twitter is banning people constantly over it… The Q tards are eerily silent.

In short, there is 100% proof of criminality of a variety of types, showing that the Bidens are above the law and will destroy your country for pennies on the dollar.

Hunter Biden will sell out billions of American resources for crack and hookers. He must be stopped. This behavior is ongoing.


































Inb4: “What about Trump?!”

Do your own Trump post, shills. Spare us the false equivalency.

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