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The Ashley Biden Diary, In Searchable Script Format

Edit: I reported on this in March 2022 here are the actual scans of the diary pages.

stock here. I read a bunch of it, did one run through on a search for “sex” which was a huge part of her life but never an all positive thing. She spoke of abuse, rape. She spoke of “showers with Dad (probably not appropriate). It’s really rather sad, bad relationships, addictions, drugged and drunk driving, stealing over $100,000 on a credit card, and sex with relatives. And the infamous “showers with Dad”, Joe Biden.

There are some juicy ones below. Joe Biden crying on the phone because he has the Presidential debate in a week. And Joe on her shit list because he was hurting himself.

And she is resentful of Mom, because of Dad

Is that because Jill Biden was a prime tool in making him “run” for President? Did the CoCs (Consortium of Cartels) convince her that was the only way that her son Hunter would stay out of jail?

I put the PDF on Box in case the provided source link below
“falls down the stairs”


Here is the transcribed diary


Ashley is now 41 YO

Caroline is 35, so a 6 year age difference. She lists being “sexualized with Caroline”, before saying “I remember having sex with friends at a young age”. Would 14 be “young” so then Caroline would have been 8?

Caroline was Daughter of Joe Biden’s brother James.

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Thats a good one. Very convincing just like her diary. I’ll republish some of my old Ashley article….poor girl, but it clearly demonstrates the white trash nature of the Biden family.

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