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Hypothesis: They are De-Poping The World So We Have a Better Survival Chance for the Species After the Inevitable Solar Micro-Nova

I’ll be a good little Stockholm Syndromed boy, and say…..”they are just doing what needs to be done”.

The earliest chance for the Micro-Nova was 1973

I did some work based on the 12,000 year cycle, which was 12,000 years ago. And the half, quarter and eighth cycle. The average eighth cycle is 1500 years.

The worst year in history was 536 AD look it up. That pushes to 2036. By 2036 there is a 51.1% chance of the Micronova. By 2052 There is a 75% chance of the Micronova.

Get your soul good with the lord, and prep like hell cometh.

I got more calculations, backups and spreadsheets (to improve), but these are some basic numbers for you.

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