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Coder Maven Adds A Frame Advance Feature to Bitchute

stock here: this guy commented on one of my videos, and provided the script to make Bitchute more valuable!

My script adds a frame advance and reverse feature to the Bitchute video player, using the ‘<‘ (‘,’) and ‘>’ (‘.’) keys.

To setup the bookmarklet in Chrome do the following (can probably do equivalent in other browsers):

1. On any Bitchute video page, click the “Bookmark this tap” icon.
2. Click the “More” button.
3. Change the Name to: Bitchute Video Frame Step
4. Change the URL to: javascript:frameTime=1/30;player=document.getElementById(“player”);document.body.onkeyup=function(){key=event.key;if(key==’,’||key==’.’){time=player.currentTime;player.currentTime=Math.floor(time)+(Math.round(time%1/frameTime)*frameTime)+(frameTime*((key==’,’)?-1:1));}}
5. Click the Save button.

To use the bookmarklet (apply to each video page of interest; works in full screen mode too!), simple select it from your list of bookmarks. You may want to use the Bookmark Manager to move the bookmarklet into a more convenient position.


BONUS! To create a bookmarklet for other Web sites, such as Twitter (click video to load player before using bookmarklet), use instructions on any page not already bookmarked, using HTML5 Video Frame Step as name, in step 3, and in step 4, change getElementById(“player”) to getElementsByTagName(“video”)[0]

I tried adding separate instructions to description, but it won’t let me…

I hope the link above will be active. WordPress can be so non-intuitive, so annoying.

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