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“We Are Being Poisoned” and Stockholm Syndrome

stock here: OK let’s hit Stockholm Syndrome out of the gate…Understanding that absolutely minimizing the use of Roundup (Glyphosate) would also require a complete re-look at food production. Perhaps our “Global Leaders” have come to realize that continued massive use of Glyphosate is equal to the destruction of the human race (and likely most animals, insects, and plants), and therefore the population must be curtailed in order to allow the reduction of Glyphosate and therefore prevent the complete destruction of the human race. Identifying with those who have assigned themselves as your overlords “they are just doing what has to be done”. This is the definition of the Stockholm Syndrome.

And on that note, I am not sure that “it is impossible to properly produce large amounts of food without Round Up”. I have learned that when you start with excellent soil, made from decomposed materials, that plants grow strong. Strong enough so that very little bacterial, fungal, and even insect attacks occur. And I am not convinced that this cannot occur on a larger level. It can and it should and it must. We are now at a level of 4 or 5% organic food production. Monsanto internal documents reveal that at a level of 12% to 16% organic production that the Glyphosate Industry will have it’s dangers fully exposed (by obvious comparison of results and health) and it’s financials going forward will be forever diminished.

So far, I have not seen any obvious attempts to downplay, discredit, “prove” that organic farming and it’s excessive amounts of land needed are a threat to humanity (I am making that up). But expect it to happen.

This video is from “After School” which with their absurdly good illustrators, have done several awesome videos that depicts very much the reality of our world as shaped by psychopaths, sociopaths, and just plain greedy bastards that rise to the top.

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