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Hidden History of the Biden Family — Did The Big Guy Choose To Replace The Genetic Dopamine Rush from Alcohol, With Abusing Little Children?

stock here: this is a longish read, it depicts a white trashy family with many questionable business dealings.


They ripped off the Navy in WW2 and failed to deliver their construction until 6 months after the war was over. Joe claims Uncle Bosie, a pilot, was shot down in WW2, in fact their plane got lost, ran out of fuel and crashed. Joe claims his first wife was killed by a drunk driver who “drank his lunch instead of eating it”. Joe’s repeated slandering of Curtis C. Dunn is resented by Dunn’s children. It was clear there was no drinking involved.


The real findings were that Dunn had the right of way, and the most accepted truth is that Joe’s wife was racing around, distracted by Christmas errands and 3 kids in the car. Hunter and Beau were survivors that were in the car. Mother and daughter were both killed. Dunn immediately tried to render aid.

I did a deep enough dive on the Ashley Biden diary. Also very white trashy at best. Disgusting perhaps. Joe’s daughter, taking showers with Dad, most likely after chronologically having sex (Ashley) with her “young friends”

Do your own research on Hunter Biden.

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