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Democrats Hardly Distinguishable from Communists

stock here, this was written 4.5 years ago. I would like to hold in my head a clear checklist of how the Democrat party is acting Quite Like a Communist part would. I’ll add more as clarity is gained.

Saying the democrat party has embraced communist tactics may sound
shocking and over-the-top to some. It’s not an easy thing to say, but facts are
facts, communist tactics and the Democrat Party are in lockstep with one
another now.

Unlike liberals, who threw out strong statements without
backing them up, I can actually back up my statements.  Communists use two prominent tactics to gain and keep power.  

Fact – Communists weaponized their intelligence agencies in
order to use them against their political opponents.

Fact – Communist shut down free speech of their political
opponents. Many times citing that their opponents are spreading hate and must be
shut down for the good of the country.

These two things are the MOST important things communists do
in order to maintain control and stay in power. Without these two things, communists
would have a hard time maintaining power.

Now let’s look at the Democratic Party in America currently.
The Democrats weaponized our intelligence agencies in order to use them against
their political opponents (Donald Trump and Conservatives). The Democrats are
constantly trying to shut down free speech of their political opponents as
well. (College Campuses and now Social Media) 

Facebook has proclaimed (On MAY DAY) that they will crackdown on hate
speech. There is no doubt that “hate
speech” on Facebook will mean conservative thought. Don’t believe me? Ask a liberal to name the hate speech in which
they engage in. What liberal position is
considered hateful? Now ask a liberal what conservative positions are
considered hateful. That liberal will run off every belief a conservative has.
There is no doubt that Facebook will only considered something as “hate speech” when it comes from a conservative point of view.

How come Democrats don’t have a problem with communist
tactics being used by their party? How come Democrats aren’t defending the
right of conservatives to speak their mind on Facebook? How come Democrats
don’t defend the rights of conservative speakers on college campuses? How come
Democrats don’t condemn the weaponization of the FBI and the DOJ against a
Republican presidential candidate? How come Democrats don’t mind FBI investigations
without a crime? How come Democrats don’t care about attorney-client privilege,
which clearly has been destroyed by Robert Mueller’s investigation?

Is the average democrat okay with their party acting like
communist? I hope not! But the evidence suggests otherwise. Democrats seem to
hate President Donald Trump so much, that if they need to embrace communism to
get rid of him, they’re willing to do it. In fact, the evidence shows, they’ve
already done it.

If you share this on facebook, how long will it take before someone on the left will say that THIS is hate speech?

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