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Earthquake Alert: Alignments of Interplanetary Magnetic Fields, Space Weather, and the Equinox

Stock here, Get ready to Rock and Roll!

I put out the alert for large earthquakes and ERUPTION ON MAUNA LOA in Hawaii (which is a tough call since the last one was in 1986, Kilauea, including the rift zone is often a pressure release that “protects” Mauna Loa from eruption. But the 2018 Volcanic Events may have closed off a port to the East Rift Zone, we don’t know. The 2018 Event was terminated by a large Indonesian quake, just like the start of the 2018 Hawaiian Events. So port closure is only speculation.

Large Earthquakes and Vulcanism often happens within a handful of days surrounding the Equinoxes, as the Earth Transitions from Sun and related Space Weather from Northern Earth Hemisphere to Southern Earth Hemisphere. And I finally today, after a few years of meaning to do this, came up with the answer of at least the dates at which the Earths transition up and down relative to the equator of the Sun also affects how the Solar activity of all sorts affects the Earth. More below, but here is the important summary.

I present the following data. First one from Sept 5th 2022

So please do your own research on the Interplanetary Magnetic
Fields / Flux transfer.

Also below is a wealth of information about the Earth’s travel path around the sun. What is barely known is that the Earth goes up and down in relation to the equator of the Sun by 7.5% each way. That’s a lot, only Pluto has a crazier orbit. And that makes all the difference in the world in whether sunspots Sunpots, Coronal Holes, CMEs, Filament launches……. on the North side of the sun, on the South side of the sun, have more effect on the Earth, especially in light of our weakened and weakening magnetic field / shield.

This is the real reason we have “seasons” in winter the same amount of light is spread over a much larger portion of land.

10 replies on “Earthquake Alert: Alignments of Interplanetary Magnetic Fields, Space Weather, and the Equinox”

Good catch, I can’t really recall any instance of multiple quakes on the MAR, in say 12 years of watching closely. Maybe I am wrong, but this seems significant.
Note that all the sunspots and primary Coronal Holes are on the north side of side, whilst Earth is just leaving it’s highest point in relation to the sun’s equator. Sep 4th

I wonder how consistent Earth’s “crazy” orbit – in relation to the sun’s midpoint – has been, over time. Common sense suggests that the Earth and Moon combo’s trajectory around the Sun would be influenced over the ages by various events. This would include the distance from the sun.

A lack of consistency over the ages would make recurrence of previous events more unpredictable. Which would make doomsday more amenable to ‘we’ll have to wait and see’ as opposed to ‘we’re all going to die.

On the other hand, the COVID death cult may make the cosmic doomsday redundant.

yes Oldster, thanks for chiming in. We may have several great resets in our lifetimes. It is beyond curious that there is so little information out there on the “altitude” of the earth in relation to the sun’s equator, thats why I think there is some great truths there.

Indeed, methinks even the mid altitude effect of our weakening magnetic field will have intensified destructive effects. I find it interesting that Musk is not closely following space weather, maybe he is now. He is somehow valuable to the Consortium of Cartels. CoC

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