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Belgium Shutting Down Nuclear Plant, Of Course, We Love the Idea, But the Timing Is Very Suspect

stock here. It seems odd that Belgium wants to cripple itself on 50% of it’s electricity, while also at threat from a complete shutdown of Russian fossil fuels.

——————- If you don’t believe TPTB don’t have a long term plan and an even longer agenda, these actions should help you see what they are capable of doing. This definitely is no coincidence, these manufactured energy crises schemes are getting old. I suppose the parasites rely on the short term memory of humans, all their past reasons for an “energy crises“ have been proven to be pure bullshit and the technology for humanity to move past this toxic form of energy reliance has been completely subverted for their agenda. ——————-


According to the Belgian law on nuclear phase-out, the Doel 3 nuclear reactor will stop operating on Friday after 40 years of activity.

In the 1960s, Belgium chose nuclear energy to produce a part of its electricity since it was no longer possible to meet the growing demand for energy with fossil fuels alone. Four nuclear reactors were thus built in Doel and three in Tihange.

The Doel 1 reactor started operating in early 1975, followed later that year by Doel 2. Doel 3 was launched in 1982, and Doel 4 was completed in mid-1985.

On Friday, Doel 3 will be disconnected from the electricity grid according to the nuclear phase-out law. This is the first time that a reactor is shut down in Belgium and comes while energy prices are soaring and ahead of a difficult winter.

“We have been preparing for this for four years,” said Peter Moens, the Site Director of the Doel Nuclear Power Plant.

The total power of the Doel power plant is 2,935 megawatts (MW), compared to 3,008 MW for Tihange. The two power plants together represent 50% of the country’s annual electricity consumption, equivalent to 42 billion kWh.

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