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How Many Carrots Is Enough?

Seen on Died Suddenly News on Facebook. A group that self censors, purportedly in an attempt to not get banned.

I copied it, because I think they will remove it.

My Dad took a carrot and the next day when in the Emergency room with a serious heart problem. He asked the Doctor are you going to have to operate on me tomorrow? Doctor said, there will be no tomorrow, we are starting to prep you this minute.

I didn’t think there was any need to say anything about the carrot, as it was beyond obvious. His doctor should have firmly stated “no more Carrots” He took another carrot, and was back in the emergency room with debilitating back pain, to the point he told my brother “we got to fix this or death is a reasonable alternative”.

I brought up the dangers of the carrot and Spoke-S. He said “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”. After his third carrot and second advanced pacemaker with auto-defib, I brought over the printouts from VAERS of a set of cardiac problems and deaths, and neurological problems including horrible back pain, highlighting the salient points.

And I told him that I can help as long as he doesn’t continue to poison himself. I also made this study showing how the carrot is mildly protective, almost un-noticeable. But 3 or more carrots and the death rate goes way up. Ask if you want the source material and Excel.

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