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Released Today Strzok Dismissal Letter

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Having an affair, not just with a woman, but a woman as the top legal advisor to the FBI, made him extremely blackmailable. Maybe he was blackmailed?

We covered Jesuit Strzok and his dad in detail in the now censored version of Nukepro when it was blogger. Their ties to Iran and being placed in Kenya, at the same college with Obama in the same time-frame.

His cockiness at the Senate hearing shows just how self justified some of these Triad of personality types can be.

Sounds as if this letter was written specifically for public consumption. He tossed Strzok under the bus (totally justified) while pretending Strzok was an anomaly. An outlier in an otherwise stellar organization. Not sure I believe that! Strzok should be in prison for the harm he caused.

It seems like the resurgence of Strzok in the last month is odd, if not part of a continuing plot of outrage and distrust.

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