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The Zombies Can No Longer Hide / Avoid the Public

stock here: I call them Zombies. Neurologically damaged people, almost all VXX damaged. I first identified them in the Times supermarket in Hawaii early of 2021. There were always drug damaged people that occasionally made an appearance, but the new wave of barely functional Zombies with a distinct out of it look became obvious. The Zombies avoided most other places, but they all have to eat.

Last night I saw three Zombies, all workers at Home Depot. It seems that they have to just eat, but now all the benefits are done, all their favors are pulled in, and no matter how inept, they have to work.

They look like shit, and they can barely converse in English, they are mostly native and white. They are damaged.

There is going to be a lot more fallout than just some dead people and a lack of new people. These Zombies are going to be a huge drag on society, a real degradation to society.

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