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Never Let Them Forget The Attrocities They Committed Against The Truth Tellers. Wayback on Daily Beast

stock here: Someday, they need to be held accountable. A lesson to them, to history.

I put this article on the Wayback Machine

Its pretty easy to do, only 1 “trick” and once on the Wayback main page, simply go to “web” and then paste the URL


They present those warning about the dangers of the “vaccines” as being horse paste eating suicidal lunatics. And now we see worldwide increases in Death Rates between 20% to 60%.

The Daily Beast arose when Obama was put into office. 2008.

The Daily Beast pretends that the Daily Beast is winning awards. Promoting the joke of a LBGTQ program to destabilize the world, the USA, and youths.

It’s still up on their own website. I guess they are not yet embarrassed. Maybe they need to be sued instead?


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