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9-11 You Heard About WTC 7 Demolition, But WTC 6 Is Even More Curious

There is a large group of Engineers, Architects, and Scientists which are documenting the truth about some events of 9-11.    I didn’t believe any of that stuff until about 2018, until I found my first FACTS about USGS testing of debris after 9-11.   

The whole day is very personal to me, as good friend Neal Snyder’s beautiful vivacious daughter was on Flight United 93 that went down in a field in Pennsylvania.    Neal was one of the nicest guys you could imagine, but that day stole his Mojo.

Indeed I had no capability to give even a seconds thought that maybe those in government would allow 911 to happen, because in no way would they ever “kill their own” aka firefighters

Per usual, there have been attempted “debunkings” that are often found to be lies in themselves.   Maybe done in good spirit, but often they are not, or intentionally ignoring exonerating facts.   The NIST report on WWTC 7 is once such piece of junk science.

One of the debunks of WTC-7 falling around 5:20 PM, “proving” that it was an organic collapse, was the rate of the fall was not as fast as gravity therefore it was a domino effect collapse of incrementally bending steels.    However the first video below, done by an engineer, shows that the initial 2.5 seconds of collapse was indeed 9.8 m/S.    Some of you may recognize this number as the rate of fall in a true free fall.

The second video below, shows the BBC female reporter talking about the collapse of WTC-7 whilst WTC-7 is standing clearly in the background.    After several minutes of dwelling on the collapse of WTC-7 someone in the control booth realizes that WTC-7 is standing in the background, and they cut her feed.   

Any single factor “could” have some alternate explanation, but taken as a whole, the odds turn into a 5 sigma event that this was an organic fire caused collapse.     And review the video of the collapse itself, I have listened to interviews of demolition experts who were not told what the video was and asked to review it….their universal reply was that it was a beautifully performed demolition.  

WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial, above

BBC reporting on WTC7 aka Salomen Brothers

For those who looked at my diagram upper right, the obvious question is, what became of WTC6?

And that continues on #FaF…..It appears that WTC6 disappeared in a massive cloud of smoke, before either tower fell.   Leaving a huge pit in the ground. 

The first plane did it’s takeoff role at 8:00AM, at 8:13 they stopped following FAA instructions, and at 8:21 AM11 turned off it’s transponded.    The military gave no order to launch aircraft until 8:46, the same minute that AM11 hit the WTC “north tower”.   F15 did not launch until 8:53.  U175 crashed into the south tower at 9:03.    WTC 6 Blew at 9:03 or 9:04, the 800 employees had been evacuated by 8:58.

The rabbit hole just keeps going and going

Completely separate subject…..but very educational……Barnes Law does some good analysis of current events, in this episode they review some of the shady tactics used by the powers that be including their intelligence agencies.

4 replies on “9-11 You Heard About WTC 7 Demolition, But WTC 6 Is Even More Curious”

I used to know a lot about the contents of WTC 7 and how convenient it was for certain records to disappear. What offices were in WTC 6? Many fed agency offices were located in the area as the whole WTC complex was a white elephant and had lots of trouble attracting tenants.
Now looking at that hole (is that the one that smoked heavily for weeks on end?) I am wondering where the location was of that basement level gold vault that may have been emptied in advance.

I just found out about this guy …. USAF nuke weapons expert Lt. Col. Kevin Westley who was on scene that day –


Let’s not forget the EPA colluded with Wall Street to lie about the poisonous air to keep the stock market open.

Brilliant summary. Thanks. Loss of innocence is essential to being a warrior for good.

The Empire of the Lie might be called the Empire of the Gaslight, but that somewhat leaves out ‘Keepin’ em in the dark’: in any case, generations of extremely successful public manipulation is the MO.

I had occasion to converse in my home last year with a chemistry Phd, aged early forties, a smart and successful and good person, who had not heard of WT7 or 6. ‘Innocent as new born babe’ in the ways of the media and PTB.
Pointing to our wood stove, I asked him: How can one achieve having the top of this stove hit the floor at the same speed as would this hunk of firewood, if I dropped it? He stood looking at me; blank look.
So I answered: Two choices. One, I start a good raging fire in the wood stove; two, I deftly cause the removal of the steel support of the wood stove.
Then I took him to the computer and showed him the demolition of WT7.
He said, with a micro expression of shock: “That’s a demolition.”
One of the ongoing benefits of undeniably obvious revelations regarding major events like 9/11, JFK, or the COVID extermination and genetic modification and subjugation atrocity/operation, is that more and more innocent but potentially sensible and good hearted people ‘wake up’ to having been utterly manipulated on such matters, and thus are suddenly open to renovation towards realism; their entire previous brainwashed innocence is jolted away. They become different people, and if they so choose, potential effective allies for good.

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