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I Get Worried When Kissinger and I Are On the Same Side of the Issue, Ukraine

Love him or hate him, Henry Kissinger has been awkwardly frank amid the neocon-ization of Washington’s ruling elite in the last year or so.

He was lambasted by the blue check marks in May when he dared to suggest Ukraine should cede territory to Russia with the goal of peace.

“I hope the Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom,” Kissinger warned an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, adding with his famous sense of realpolitik that the proper role for the country is to be a neutral buffer state rather than the frontier of Europe.

And we suggest his latest remarks will be met with a wall of group-think-tank-ism attacks as he dares to suggest it is not a good idea for Ukraine to join NATO.



As Caitlin Johnstone succinctly noted earlier in the year, Henry Kissinger is warning about the dangers of US warmongering not because he has gotten saner, but because the US war machine has gotten crazier:

That we are now hurtling toward confrontations that don’t appear rational to someone who has spent the majority of his life watching the mechanics of empire from inside its inner chambers should concern us all. When you are talking about brinkmanship between major world powers, especially nuclear brinkmanship, the last thing you need is for one of the parties involved to be acting erratically and nonsensically. We need de-escalation and detente, and we need it yesterday. If you’re too hawkish for Henry Kissinger, you’re too motherfucking hawkish.

We couldn’t have said it better.

One reply on “I Get Worried When Kissinger and I Are On the Same Side of the Issue, Ukraine”

Once upon a different time, in a capacious space free from overt censorship and shadow-banning — no sunlight for you today!! — two gentlemen discussed a topic relevant to stock’s post.

August 17, 2017 at 12:11 pm
[… continued from the previous comment.]

As Russia’s best known fabulist Ivan Krylov put it: А ларчик просто открывался. The key piece of the puzzle is Russia – Putin’s Russia to be exact.

Let me try to clarify the situation with a little help from Pink Floyd again:

Good morning, Worm your honor!
The crown will plainly show
The prisoner, who now stands before you,
Was caught red-handed showing feelings,
Showing feelings of an almost human nature.
This will not do, call the schoolmaster!

Can you hear that, folks: This will not do! Vassals and colonies of the Empire are not allowed to have “feelings of an almost human nature”. This will not do, call the schoolmaster!

Putin’s Russia is the ultimate troublemaker for the Empire today. This will not do, call the schoolmaster!

What is, or who is, this schoolmaster? Alexander Nevsky was a schoolmaster, Minin and Pozharsky were schoolmasters, Mahatma Gandhi was a schoolmaster, Joseph Stalin was a schoolmaster, Fidel Castro was a schoolmaster.

There were schoolmasters at every turn of human history. They are some today too: Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah, Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and Vladimir Putin of Russia above all.

Who is not a schoolmaster? Alexander the Great was not a schoolmaster, Genghis Khan was not a schoolmaster, Bonaparte Napoleon was not a schoolmaster, neither was Adolf Hitler. There were non-schoolmasters at every turn of human history also.

Can you discern the general pattern here, folks? If you can, then you can easily answer the question that puzzles you so much: Is Donald Trump a schoolmaster, or the chief anti-schoolmaster of today?

America is split into two equal parts which is a bad news for you, my fellow Americans. The Empire is doomed, but the fundamental questions for the rulers remain:

(a) How do we disassemble the dilapidated building without being buried underneath it in the process?
(b) Can disassembling be done without taking into account the interests of Russia which are, and always have been, at odds with the interests of the rulers of the Empire?

P.S. The best definition of the notion of intelligence I am aware of is the keen ability to see patterns of all kinds. In physics, these patterns are called the Laws of Nature.

Pat’s reply
August 17, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Circ –

I have ‘continuance’ for you as well….

Let’s just bypass Ivan Krylov the dreamer.. and go to the President of Russia Vlad ‘Put-ON’ instead. As dictatorial Head Of State… he is likely to have more influence on Russia and the people. He even murders the disobedient and opposition. 🙂

’Put-On’ takes orders from the United Nations(USA)…. He said so..!!

“Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality, a unique venue for equitable dialogue. Its universal rules are necessary for including as many countries as possible in economic and humanitarian integration, guaranteeing their political responsibility and working to coordinate their actions while also preserving their sovereignty and development models.”

Paving the way for a ‘viable’ stock exchange and usury-based-sharia banking system….
…’Put-On’ is now open to the idea that a federal model could apply to Syria.

‘Put-On’ has so much respect and admiration for the US that he uses US words and plans as an example to explain his desires a few months ago – at VALDAI..!!

“Colossal damage requires a long-term and all-round program, a kind of the Marshall Plan to revive this war- and conflict-torn region.”

‘Put-On’ urges a NEW Marshall Plan for Middle East to see recovery and growth..!!

SOCHI, October 27. /TASS/. The Middle East needs a present-day edition of the Marshall Plan to see recovery and growth, Russian President Vladimir ‘Put-On’ said on Thursday.


’Put-On’ praised Trump and UN Agenda-21 on November 16, 2016:

“We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall CLIMATE in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” ‘Put-On’ said.

’Put-On’ praised the London Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ United Nations..!!

‘Put-On’ praised United Nations in Oct, 2016. He believes that HUMANS have an impact on global climate change…. And environmental protection agencies (EPAs) are necessary.

“Today it is the United Nations that continues to remain an agency that is unparalleled in representativeness and universality…”

“A decent future is impossible without ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION and addressing CLIMATE problems. That is why the conservation of the natural world and its diversity and reducing the HUMAN IMPACT on the environment will be a PRIOITY for the coming decades.”

(He sounds like Maurice Strong and Carla Hills at the 92 Rio Summit..!! 🙂 )

’Put-On’ is playing ball with the same Pharisee-Jew oligarchs running the UN as the rest of the world does. 🙂

‘Put-On’ uses the same words as the ones running the show…. Profits are made in the name of fighting “terrorism” around the world. “INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM..!!”

Russian leadership, according to Sotnikov, “is hoping that Turkey will pay attention to our fight against INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM.” Erdogan, he added, has already sent signals that could be interpreted as a positive sign in this respect.


It cannot be stressed enough that ‘Put-On’ is pushing “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ from UN Agenda-21:
“We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a – “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” – path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall climate in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” Putin said.


‘Put-On’ said Moscow was ready to do its outmost to return relations with Washington on the trajectory of **SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. “Restoring the ties would not be easy, but Russia is ready to follow its course,” he said.

Bottom line:

‘Put-On’ is a very WEAK UN Agenda-21 globalist.. following orders from USA..!!
Russia’s economy is not as big as that of NY City.!!
‘Put-On’ is owned by the USA…!! 🙂

ACD: THEN, friends, we have the analogy between 9-11 and the recent pipeline sabotage.

Pepe Escobar – The Unz Review Oct 4, 2022

Like 9-11, we ostensibly of have two sides, this time Russia. We have always been at war with Russia….Or, as in WWI and WWIII, have The Power$ That Be set the table for large groups of (mostly) white people to kill each other off and, asa would vultures, wait patiently to pick at the remains?

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