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Jill Biden Heavily Booed At Football Game, America Is Starting to Understand

Jill Biden had the absolute worst reaction to the little tidbit slipped into their envelope at the Bush funeral. Now I believe it was a picture of Naked Hunter maybe with Ashley or her little cousin or both. Maybe smoking a glass pipe too.

In Ashley’s diary from this article I did…..

There are some juicy ones below. Joe Biden crying on the phone because he has the Presidential debate in a week. And Joe on her shit list because he was hurting himself.

And she is resentful of Mom, because of Dad

Is that because Jill Biden was a prime tool in making him “run” for President? Did the CoCs (Consortium of Cartels) convince her that was the only way that her son Hunter would stay out of jail?

Remember the fake pictures of “Joe” supposedly laying on a pillow next to his dog, photoshopped because Joe couldn’t manage to get up if he did lay down. pretending they had a “dog family”. Even then the dog look terrified, like….oh no, the sniff and peanut butter trick again. Point is though…the super messy house. Not that they couldn’t afford some help, just that what goes on in that house could not be seen but any outside source.

“Jill” more and more of the cuntry understands Jill now.

Twitter video should be at the bottom, funny how they are warning you about “sensitive content”

This other site, uses this same picture while pretending that Jill met Joe on a blind date three years after Joe’s Wife died in a very suspicious crash. 2 sources below, source 2 has that photo from another angle, who was the photographer? “in their youth”. I went to the twitter account attributed to this picture, and see far bottom that account is suspended. Hmmmm…..

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