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VXX Injury Is Masquerading as “Long COVID”

stock here: I mean, what a plot. I bet they didn’t even think this all the way through as they were releasing the environmental bioweapon. They didn’t think that they would be able to hide their injected bioweapon results under cover of the environmental bioweapons.

But they are fairly good at letting no crisis go to waste, and they can adapt. This close to the mid-terms I was pretty convinced we would have a new raging weapon out there.

Perhaps distraction is good enough at this point. There have been no substantive changes to prevent the mid-terms steal, so we have to assume that the Communist Party will outright steal those elections, and the subsequent rage will just play into their plan anyway.

I feel that we are getting close to the expansion of abuse…..we made you forever damage your own kids by your voluntary actions, now you too shall eat bugs. Then maybe we kill you too unless you are a good Robot maintainer.

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