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Brave New World — Many Similarties to Current Events

It’s surprising that I have never read this book, and just skimmed Atlas shrugged. I was working on my library today, integrating a newly purchased set of the World Book bought for $20 from a lady who tried to give them away to churches and schools and no one wanted them.

The library is about 24′ long and 4 feet high, so its pretty substantial. I was able to discard 30 or so books that no longer held relevance in my life. The goal is complete sets of encyclopedias from every decade from 1870 to current, and I am about half done. Many of these are beautiful books, some costing $600 to $900 back in day before internet, many families financed them after door to door sales. So I am putting together a current dollar equivalent of say $40,000 for around $400.

In Brave New World, they discard history rather than just re-write history as is being done now. Y’all might want to check Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist in your area….and old set of Encyclopedias is like time travel, try it.

Spark notes on Brave New World. Your comments appreciated. Children trained to promiscuity, and the elimination of family altogether is a key theme. Psychological drug control is also large.


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