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South Korean Protest — Many of the Deaths Appear to Be Heart Stoppage, 80% Vaxxed

stock here, no time to dive deep on this one. Never seen a video quite like this. There must be more. I found another one, different angle, more CPR

Now it looks like 120 dead, and that perhaps a group of people “instigated” the pushing deliberately. One way to destabilize things, keep people away from fun events that “are dangerous”, just like they kept us out of bars and restaurants were we could freely speak our minds.




Posted by Sophie-Ha 2 hours ago

Police investigate a man wearing rabbit ears who allegedly instigated the crowd to push during the Itaewon tragedy




It has been confirmed that the police have investigated the so-called ‘rabbit headband’ man who is suspected of instigating the crowd to push during the Itaewon tragedy.

According to the Special Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency, the man was summoned yesterday to be investigated. The individual gave his account of the situation at the time of the accident and also explained whether he intentionally pushed the crowd.

During the investigation, the man denied all allegations that he instigated the push and denied he pushed anyone. He shared his whereabouts during the time of the incident as he denied the allegations.

Police are also identifying and tracking another woman with a rabbit headband, believed to have shoved the victims at the time of the accident.

Based on CCTV video analysis, the police are verifying the identity of a number of people who are presumed to have deliberately pushed the crowd at the time of the accident.


The search result says 50 people in cardiac arrest. But those numbers aren’t repeated in the actual article, but the search results have them.

I suspect they were edited out, after “they aren’t ready for the truth!”

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