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Self – “Controlled Opposition”. Cancel Culture Forces Awken to Pull Punches While Still Promoting the Idea That “We Have a Voice”

stock here, similar to the Q psy-op, what is involved getting people to trust a solution is at hand, trust the plan, trust those speaking out….even though they are forced to pull punches.

Dr. John Campbell.

He was threatened by Youtube for speaking pretty clearly against the VXX, he is now 989% Redpilled, although he may not see it as intentional mass genocide. Now he just hints around “what could it be, what changed”

So I coined this term today “Self-Controlled-Opposition”

To John’s credit, I do not believe he is a weak weasel. I have watched him for 1.5 years, going through the real data, and watched as he came to the undeniable conclusions….bio-weapon and massive deaths in our future.

He has 800 to 900 other videos in which he educates on important medical information. He does not want those taken down, and after being threatened, he no longer gives the straight answer on the vxx adverse events.

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