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Pelosi “Story” Doesn’t Line Up, They Never Do. Like That Fake Bomb Story With Cesar Sayoc Right Before the Elections

stock here: this is so patently fake, it really is to the point of insulting. But they do want us to know that we are being abused.

Miles Mathis covers this “story”, and gets one understandable thing wrong, the Pelosi house is not walled and gated. That was a meme back in the day when “the wall” was all the rage and someone did a fake hit piece on Pelosi using a different property in the elite Area they live in….way too crowded for my taste at any price.


As per Miles usual, he traces families and relationships and especially when someone is “scrubbed” is a very suspicious event. And as per usual, he gets a bit too much into the family name word salad towards the end, when he has already presented compelling evidence……just saying.

We covered the Cesar Sayoc story, that was the point that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that FBI Wray was a piece of sheet. With his “these are not Hoax devices” and “they were filled with an “incendiary material” (shredded cardboard). I’ll see if I can find my old articles…in the old blog before I ratted out the “hot lots” in July 2021 and Gaggle started to systematically erase my decade of works.

Remember Cesar with the Van all covered in MAGA Trump stickers….all perfectly new, meaning they were not collected over time and placed.

Remember, this is Broward County, the most corrupt County in Florida, and the home of the Cowards of Broward and that school shooting. Also remember that Jeff Sessions was in charge of the DOJ at the time, outing him as another POS.

I found the Pelosi house on Google Earth, the broken glass (and open doors) is on the back side of the house, away from Normandie Terrace.


Back side with the deck above

Hmmm….Nancy’s neighbors have solar panels but she doesn’t. That doesn’t fit the kill fossil narrative.

PS there is no wall around her house, they are all small tight lots with 2 story buildings.

They protested in front of her house in 2007, 15 years ago!!!!

It is amazing that they live among us.


Nancy Pelosi lives here! Pelosi, the(whiteHouseSpeakerOfTheNation) American Democratic Party politician currentlyas Speaker of the United States House of Representatives since January 2019, The first woman in U.S. history to hold this position, Pelosi is the highest-ranking female elected official in United States history. As Speaker of the House, she is second in the presidential line of succession, immediately after the vice president. As of 2019, Pelosi is in her 17th term. She represents California’s 12th congressional district.

Pelosi was a major opponent of the Iraq War as well as the Bush Administration’s 2005 attempt to partially privatize Social Security. During her first speakership, she was instrumental in the passage of many landmark bills, including the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the 2010 Tax Relief Act

Nancy Pelos has a huge net worth of $120 Million, despite her small salary of $223 Thousand.

On average Senators makes $174,000 per year. As Speaker of House Nancy’s salary is boosted to $223,500. And all Senators receive a small write off for D.C. living expenses and travel. They also receive full life, insurance and retirement benefits, but this doesn’t account for her huge net worth.

Her husband Paul Pelosi has a massive net worth. In 2009 Paul spent $10 million to buy the Oakland Invaders United Football League team. The team, which was soon relocated and renamed the Sacramento Mountain Lions, was eventually shut down. Paul owns huge stakes in companies like Apple, Disney, Comcast, Facebook, and others. He owns a venture capital firm which has made some solid predictions, and even better investments. Such is the life of an average Pelosi.

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