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Global Administered Abuse Is a Key Part of Their Plan

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We need a platform like Rogan or Peterson to call out the real plot, succinctly, below. Me and Amazing Polly called this out in 2021 summer, a week apart (I beat her, LOL, I think she used to check the Nukepro). Her research is deeper and more full, and much easier on the eyes. LOL

They want us to know we are being abused. They have AI and Hollywood writers working on every psychological theory to degrade us, make us feel there is no chance and no use fighting. Also Stockholm Syndrome and Learned Helplessness are primary psyops. The MK-Ultra type abuse also allows them to trigger us, and for many NPCs “take a child like acceptance of even atrocities”. There, the plot is exposed.

Also, as much distraction as possible. They will do anything to create distraction, like burning down Canada.

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