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Let’s Talk About the Bolsheviks

Seen at ZH

Biden got 1% of the vote in the Iowa Caucuses in 2020.  That’s about what he got every year he ran for the Presidency.  

Then gets 81 million votes in the General Election, 10 million more than consummate faker, Barry Soetero.  Sure he did.  

The country has been hi-jacked by Bolshevik thugs.  No other way to describe it.  

When Biden or Mickey Mouse is re-elected in 2024, they will move on our guns, maybe go house-to-house.

Then they’ll start killing people as all good Bolsheviks do.  Some say the (((Bolsheviks))) killed as many as 100 million Christian Orthodox Russians after 1917.  


1 of 7 Russians died, they are the real victors of WW2.

Russia was thrice invaded from Ukraine area in modern times….The Jew bastard that now control the Federal gov and many others, and risking world Armageddon….they think their AI strategies can win.    A real tell is that even Kissinger wants peace in Ukraine.   When that blood thirsty psychopath wants peace….you know the AI is wrong.

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