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Crisis of Loss of Confidence In All Our Institutions

Crisis of Loss of Confidence In All Our Institutions

Yes there’s a crisis of legitimacy in our institutions.

No, it’s not happening by accident or “incompetence” or anything “natural” for the 99% most part.

A crisis of legitimacy launched the Enlightenment and led to a reorg of the planet politically, while neutering (if not destroying) the legacy power institutions of the time.

The rapid advancement of info tech decentralized comm…diminishing the ability of TPTB to control narratives to the vast extent they could before. Printing press=internet

Corporatism as implemented over the 20th c destroyed any free markets that existed and thus, led to the overleveraged national economies to support global corporatist cronyism. 

NOW this “crisis of legitimacy” that began as a natural byproduct of that decentralization of communication is trying to be weaponized and directed by TPTB so they can control and benefit from the chaos. 

What the author sees as a bug of the system is the intent of it right now, though I have no reason to believe that incestuous elites (which become less compitetent as that system replicates) can manipulate it well enough to achieve an outcome similar to what they hoped for…for better and worse. 

But in their minds, it’s the best bad option they have because they already jumped the shark and are being exposed to quickly. Lamp post hangings for themselves or nuclear destruction of everyone? Psychopaths as they are, choose the latter. 

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