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June-Teenth, Used As Race Baiting Tool of Division

Seeing that the Zionist Jews (not the good Jews of which there are many) held the primary responsibility in Slave trafficking, it is not unsurprising that these same types are using their owned media to create racial tension, to create expectations of “we are owed something”.

Adnof all things, a sizable after hours stock move, a breakout of a triangle that has been emotionally difficult with the ups and down, finally broke out to the topside, racing up 35% and with 10,000 shares of this stock, I find myself unable to either take profits or at least protect with a stop loss….because…..the US stock market is closed! JuneTeenth, coming right after Father’s Day seems like a real slap in the face. Several other stock holding also made moves in the right direction, I hope there are no huge negative news events today to allow me to lock in gains tomorrow morning!!!!

Here is Propublica, race baiting with a “shocking largest ever slave sale”


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