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Another Airport Worker Sucked Into Jet Engine — After “Injection”

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y’all understand that airline workers were some of the most coerced worker to take the mRNA jab. In the past most people were aware enough to not get sucked into Jet Engines….not any more.


And just 5 days prior OSHA announced a $15k fine after worker Courtney Edwards was sucked into plane engine on December 31 2022.

The story of Courtney is disturbing, everything was in place to prevent this from happening. Except firing her negligent arse. Poor thing, she was a mother of three.

One ramp agent told investigators that before the mother-of-three was sucked into the engine, he saw her fall over from the engine’s exhaust and tried to warn her to stay back until the engines were shut off.

Another ramp agent saw Edwards approach the engine and attempted to yell and waver her off. She started to move away from the plane, but he then heard a “bang,” and the left engine shut down.

Before the plane arrived, ground crew members held a ten-minute safety meeting “to reiterate that the engines would remain running until ground power was connected,”

The Intruder Military Jet was notorious for sucking people in this video is disturbing but the guy survived. It is used in training purposes, it would sure get my attention.

Remember the cause of death codes in COVID….the ICD10 data. They have a special code for sucked in Jet Engine

The above purportedly show a man being sucked into jet enginer, could be made up.

Texas seems unlucky for getting sucked in….Jan 16, 2006 a 64 year old male was sucked into a 737, story here


I was only able to find 2 other instances of human sucked into jet engine, both in India. One Dec 17, 2015 and then 20 years prior, here is the story.


I came across this site Itemfix, which has some interesting videos on the Ukraine Debacle.

Rostov street cleaners continue working this Saturday morning duties

Lots of Ukraine Stuff here


Here is the strength of a Jet Blast

This appears to be AI generated “art” or graphics. I tried it, seems pretty weak. The other better ones have monthly fees and billed annually.


I found yet one more, 2008 South Africa, Airbus A320


I found one more, Shanghai Airlines, but can’t verify it’s truth. May 2006


Oh and one more, April 17 2002, A Chinese mechanic working in Japan as the plane started pulling away. Maybe a suicide by jet.


Finally, This Kathryn reports on all kinds of aviation accidents, she covers the recent Alabama one.


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