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Ukraine Planned False Flag to Sabotage Their Own Nuclear Plant — Citizen Journalist Exposed The Obvious, And the Threat Is Over

stock here. Early in the Russian operation I calculated that there is 33,200 equivalent nuclear bombs stored in the spent fuel pools at ZNPP. One reason the Russians took that spot….no one could drop any huge bombs on them, or even shell them without huge risk of a Europe wide disaster.

The Russians had little idea of what they were being goaded into…nor had they the forethought that the puppet Zelensky would be told to shell the nuclear plant.

They tried to blame the shelling (shilling) on the Russians themselves….and the lib lefty idiots bought those lies although they made zero sense.

June 21-30: Ukraine ramped up rhetoric that Russia had plans to sabotage ZNPP. July 1-4: Massive external scraping on Twitter causing Elon to limit user views. July 6: Ukraine claims threat of ZNPP sabotage is no more.

—————– hmmm this is interesting. Sky News Australia has been amazingly reporting real news.

But now there is a look alike news.sky.com which sure looks like they are carrying water for the Jews and Jesuits and the merry band of Masons and Illuminati that are running this program.

This was just a day ago….didn’t they get the memo that the Russian Bombs on the ZNPP was already thrown out as another Z flase flag attempt that failed to even get off the ground.


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