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Historical Video of Ukraine Training Children for Warfare

stock here, seen on a comment on ZeroHedge, still useful even as it becomes even more obvious as a tool of the globalists.

9 hours ago (Edited)

This was reported 5 years ago:

This was reported 6 years ago:

Most of these kids are dead or disabled by now.

<edit>  You can find lots of this type of material from MSM sources, including the BBC, NBC, Guardian, Time and others.  Strange that it hasn’t been taken down, but I guess no one looks back that far these days, living as they are ‘in the moment.’  Still, if you want to confront these fools that ‘stand with Ukraine’ you don’t need to argue.  Just show them this, and then ask them: were they lying then, or are they lying now?

Here’s another: 

and another:

’ve lost track…


false flags

suspension of civil rights


shelling civilians



paying off the Biden family

getting Trump impeached

Leading the world into World War III 

Craven ingratitude

Im sure there’s more.

stock here, the Video of the arrests is suspicious, it could be a Russian generated false flag.


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